Excel Course: The Basics (text formatting)

Changing Font Size for Characters

Selects cells A5 to C5.

cell selection excel basics2

Select font size 20 from the following drop-down menu:

change font size excel basics2

Editing Column Widths

Select columns A to C.

select columns excel basics2

Then place your mouse pointer over the line between 2 of the columns you have selected:

edit column width excel basics2

Click and hold down, then move to the right to broaden the columns, and to the left to make them narrower. This time, move the line to the right.

edit column width2 excel basics2

All the selected columns will be widened/narrowed in the same way.

Bold text

Select these 3 cells, then click on the B icon in the toolbar.

bold text excel basics2

Italic text

Select these 4 cells, then click on the I icon in the toolbar.

italic text excel basics2


Keep the same selection, and click on the U icon in the toolbar.

underline text excel basics2

Now let's get rid of the "italic" effect.

Keep the same selection and click on the I icon in the tool bar once again.

eliminate effect excel basics2

Enter "55" in B13 and copy the cell all the way to B18 (just as you did with "Text 1"):

copy excel basics2

Now enter "55" in C13 and "56" in C14.

fill excel basics2

Then select these 2 cells and continue just as you did with "55" only this time down to C18.

fill2 excel basics2

This will be the result:

fill3 excel basics2