Excel Course: The Basics (saving, printing, sheets)

Saving a Workbook

To save your file, click on the diskette to the upper left of the window.

save - excel basics5

If it is the first time, Excel will ask you where to save the file, what file name to use, and which extension.

The 3 main extensions are the following (shown in green on the image below):

  • XLSX: The default format for Excel 2007 and later versions (recommended)
  • XLSM: If your workbook contains macros, you must use this extension (this is also a format for Excel 2007 and above)
  • XLS: If your file needs to be readable in versions of Excel lower than 2007, you must use XLS (among other problems, this can result in loss of formatting)
extensions excel - excel basics5


Click on "File" then "Print".

print - excel basics5

You will see a print preview on the right hand side. Click the "Print" button to start printing.

print preview - excel basics5

Document Templates

Click on "File" then "New".

You will see a good selection of readymade templates from which you can choose.

excel templates - excel basics5

Here is an example of one of the included templates (a timesheet):

template example - excel basics5

Workbook Sheets

To bring up the menu shown below, right click on the name of one of the sheets.

managing sheets - excel basics5

From this menu, you will be able to:

  • Add new sheets
  • Delete the selected sheet
  • Rename the selected sheet (you can also rename the sheet by double clicking on the tab)
  • Change the order in which the sheets appear (you can also move the sheets around by clicking and dragging them)
  • Copy the selected sheet
  • Change the color of the tab
  • Show/Hide a sheet
  • And More...

Selecting Cells

In the image below, 8 cells have been selected (the number of rows and columns is displayed when they are selected):

cell selection - excel basics5

To select an entire row or column, click on its number.

select rows - excel basics5

To select all the cells on a sheet, press "Ctrl+A" or click on the button shown in the image below:

select all cells - excel basics5

To select multipe non-contiguous cells, hold down "Ctrl" and click on the cells to select them.

select non contiguous cells - excel basics5
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