The Hanged Man

DescriptionHangman, famous word game where you have to find it by indicating letters one after the other and this with a limited number of errors.

And here is a customized hanged man!
As a hangman, the title of the game disappears: "The Hanged Man", once the T has disappeared, the game is over, all you have to do is count the points.

The points are variable, depending on the length of the word: for a short word the letters are worth more points than for a long word.

The length of the words can be configured from 4 to 17 letters included.

The possibility of guessing the words without the headers is possible!

There are even 4 jokers, which can be used as long as you have enough points left!

The best score is kept with the name of the one who performed it.

Happy parties to you and watch out! It is addicting!
Added on1/8/2022
Edited on2/23/2022
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