Excel function IF

The IF function returns different data depending on whether the conditions specified are true or false.

Here is an example:

Under "Price", we want to display $21 for children (less than 16 years old) and $32 for everybody else.

if - if

To make this a little simpler, we're going to start out by renaming cells B9 and B10.

To do this, click on B9 (see image below), type in "adult" and press Enter.

renaming cells - if
rename cell - if

Do the same with cell B10 and type in "child".

rename cell2 - if

Select cell C2, click on "Insert Function".

And now select the IF function.

insert function if - if

In the logical test field we want to ask whether a person's age is less than 16.

If this is true, the function should display the children's price. Otherwise, it should show the adult price.

if2 - if

Here's what that should look like:

function if - if

Click OK.

The result will be displayed.

All we need to do is a single AutoFill command ...

if autofill - if

You can see the results here:

if3 - if

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