Excel function Nested IFs

The IF function can be nested. This makes it possible to specify more conditions and thus more possible results ...

We will continue working with the same example as before, adding further criteria.

nested ifs

What we'll do next is add a third price to the IF function (we will also have to rename the cell for this price).

So we're starting out the same way we did before, asking whether the age is less than 16. If this is the case, the function will return the children's price.

Now click on the "Value_if_false" field, and then on the IF at the upper left (see image below).

second if nested ifs

A new empty window called "Function Arguments" will appear.

Now we will create a new logical test. We want to ask whether the age is greater than or equal to 60. If this is the case, the function will return the senior price. Otherwise it will return the adult price.

ifs nested

Do another AutoFill command to obtain this result:

if formula nested ifs

It goes without saying that if you edit the prices (adult, child, senior) or the ages, the cells that contain the functions will automatically adapt to the new prices or ages.