Excel function RANK

The RANK function makes it possible to sort values in increasing or decreasing order.

An example:

What we are trying to do is to assign a rank to each of these 12 people based on their scores.

Select the RANK function.

  • In the "Number" field, enter the number for which you want to find the rank.
  • In the "Ref" field, enter the data range that contains all of the scores earned (remember to use $ to make it easier to AutoFill).
  • Don't enter anything (or enter 0) in the "Order" field for decreasing order, for increasing value enter any value other than 0.

Click OK.

rank function - rank

After AutoFill, all the ranks will be displayed.

rank - rank
Alexander and Aurelia have the same score. They are both given rank 6. Rank 7 has not been assigned at all.