Excel Function: SORT

The Excel function SORT sorts the contents of a range of cells or a table and returns a sorted table based on the defined parameters (or by default).




=SORT(array, sort_index, sort_order, by_column)

Default Sorting

In this example, the goal is to sort the table based on the country name:

excel table sort

Select the SORT function and simply enter the cell range of the table to perform the default sort (ascending sort based on the first column of the table):

excel function sort table

Sorting Based on Another Column

To sort the table based on the points (thus based on the second column), enter 2 as the second argument:

excel function sort table column 2

Sorting in Descending Order

To achieve a descending sort this time, enter -1 as the third argument:

excel function sort table descending

Sorting by Column

The last optional argument allows for sorting by column (instead of sorting by row) by entering the value 1 (or TRUE):

excel function sort by column
If needed, you can download the Excel file used here: sort.xlsx
For more advanced sorts, without necessarily returning the sorting data (here, points), use the SORTBY function.
Note: this function is only available with Office 365.