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Message written by : Kalusalingam2018.09.04, 7:37
Thanks for sharing your knowledge for free. This website is well designed and user friendly. I learned lot from this website.
Really appreciate all your hard work you put on this website to share the knowledge. God Bless you!!!
Message written by : Bebo2018.07.14, 19:50
Very good site. keep on going.
Message written by : KGG2018.04.25, 17:30
Your free VBA course let me learn how to compile formatted files into one single file, and later extract only the information I needed from those files into a database model I needed.
Thank you so much, I hope many more people find this site and support your work.
Message written by : bittoo2018.04.09, 12:12
I like very much this tutorials. Can you make more tutorials on other programming languages. It will be very great full.
Message written by : Uilliu2018.03.06, 11:42
Thank you a lot for the free VBA course! Really useful! Keep on going like this!
Message written by : Argento2018.02.27, 23:28
Great job with VBA course, thanks a lot for making it free!!!!
best wishes for all of you
Message written by : HIREN2018.02.04, 10:05
I LIKE IT...........
Message written by : Klaus2017.12.29, 19:25
very nice site. Keep it up.
Message written by : Ajit2017.12.29, 12:15
I have much please to learn excel vba for my office automation .I learn much and it is very easily understood by any one. thanks I woul like much more code pracitce what should i do ?
Message written by : CBY2017.11.29, 10:12
thank u for gr8 effort!
i wish all of ur dreams come true
Message written by : MShoaib2017.09.04, 17:15
Great work.i am thankful for free and easy learning
Message written by : Lindsey Parker2017.09.01, 21:08
You have created the best VBA material that I had a pleasure to work on. Easy to navigate, good structure and comprehensive material. It is highly appreciate that you decided to share such material for free as not everyone has an opportunity (funds) to purchase commercial material.
Keep on the good job you do !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
Message written by : M 2017.09.01, 10:43
Great, well built and organized site with lots of free but very useful materials. Thank you for creating such! Please develop it with further aspects like word or power point materials. Access would also be very nice to have here. GOOD LUCK!!
Message written by : monu2017.08.03, 16:17
This site is mind blowing
Message written by : Bremner2017.06.25, 5:02
Thank you for your effort and willingness to share this incredibly helpful information. I am a bad VBA programmer (I can get the job done, but the coding is terrible) moving in to a bit more advanced structures / applications (e.g. utilizing large data arrays and mass calculations), so the course you provide here is a perfect reference and contains examples that directly relate to the work I am attempting. Many thanks.
Message written by : Paul2017.06.09, 17:30
Great website....I learned a lot from your site. Thanks for this free tutorials. You are God's blessing to people who cannot afford to pay and learn. A new Blessing is on your way. God be with you.
Message written by : Megaman2017.06.09, 5:59
Like the site, a lot of fun
Message written by : Sharmila2017.01.26, 11:15
Thank your very much for providing this valuable site. It is helpful every now and then
Message written by : shree2017.01.17, 16:16
Message written by : VBA Noob2017.01.06, 16:53
Thank you, very helpful! However, you forgot to include an example for the 3 dimensional array...

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