VBA Function: UBound

The VBA function UBound returns the highest available index for the specified dimension of an array.




UBound(array, dimension)

Examples of Usage

Using the UBound function to retrieve the indices of the 2 dimensions of the array:

Sub example()

    Dim myArray(10, 4)

    'Maximum index of the first dimension
    MsgBox UBound(myArray) 'Returns: 10

    'Maximum index of the second dimension
    MsgBox UBound(myArray, 2) 'Returns: 4

End Sub

Using the UBound function to get the number of values in an array obtained by the Split function:

Sub example()

    link = "www.excel-pratique.com"

    'Splitting the string into an array
    myArray = Split(link, ".")

    'Number of elements in the array (knowing that an array starts at 0)
    number = UBound(myArray) + 1

    'Displaying this number
    MsgBox number 'Returns: 3

End Sub