Stock-Pratique (Inventory Management)

Stock-Pratique is an Excel application for inventory management (items, in/out movements, customers/suppliers, inventories, exports, etc.) that is user-friendly and highly functional.

You can try it now: Download

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The "Inventory" Tab

This tab allows you to display the list of your items or a selection of them using the 5 search fields (which you can use simultaneously).

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It also allows you to:

Note that most fields in the different tabs are optional, so you are not required to fill in fields that are not necessary for you.

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The "Movements" Tab

This tab allows you to display the list of movements of your items or a selection using 5 search fields and the ability to set a date range.

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You can also:

The "Customers & Suppliers" Tab

This tab allows you to display the list of your customers and suppliers or a selection using 6 search fields.

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It also allows you to:

The "Information" Tab

This secondary tab contains links to the web pages of this application and also allows advanced users to view the 3 Excel workbook sheets containing the list of items, movements, and contacts (customers and suppliers).

Key Features of this Stock Management Application

Easy to Use:

This application has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible while offering many features.

The 3 main tabs allow you to manage items, movements (in/out), and contacts (customers/suppliers), and each tab has useful features for adding, editing, deleting, searching, and exporting data.

Efficient and Fast Search:

All search fields display and update results instantly with each character entered.

Therefore, you don't need to enter a complete name to get results, a few characters are enough (tip: double-click on "Search" at the top right to clear the search field content).

excel search fields inventory management

Easy Export of Results:

To export the results based on your search, simply click on the arrow pointing downwards. You can then choose which data you want to export to a new Excel workbook.

Preview of the export function in the Inventory tab:

excel export inventory management


The Stock-Pratique application is compatible with all versions of Excel for Windows (not compatible with Mac, LibreOffice/OpenOffice).

Try this Application Now

The free trial version of Stock-Pratique (limited to 20 entries per tab) allows you to test this software without risk.

You can then switch to the full version at any time without losing the data you have already entered.

A version with access to VBA code is also available for advanced users.