Excel Training: Charts

Insert a chart

To insert a chart from the following table (lesson-7.xlsx), start by selecting the entire table containing the data:

excel data png charts

From the "Insert" tab, you can then choose the desired chart template:

excel insert chart charts

If you're unsure of the desired template type, click on "Recommended Charts" to display suggestions and previews of different chart templates that may suit the selected data:

excel chart type png charts

And validate your choice:

excel chart inserted charts

Customize the chart

You can change the chart style if necessary from the "Chart Design" tab (after selecting the chart):

excel chart style png charts

From this same tab, you can also change the chart's color palette:

excel chart color palette png charts

You can also move and resize the chart as if it were a simple shape:

excel move chart charts

Customize chart elements

You can customize each element of the chart by selecting it and modifying it as if it were a shape or text box.

For example, the title:

excel chart title png charts

Another example, the column of the last series:

excel series color chart png charts

Add elements to the chart

You can add or remove certain elements from the chart by clicking on the + to the right of the chart:

excel chart elements png charts