VBA Course: Introduction

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a language related to Visual Basic that can only run through a host application (Excel, in our case).

Using VBA, we can do almost anything imaginable with Excel ...

But before we get started, let's begin by making sure that the tools we need are visible.

If you are using Excel version 2007 (or a higher version), click on File > Options > Customize the Ribbon and then check "Developer".

ribbon introduction

A new tab will be added:

dev introduction

If the version of Excel that you are using is lower than 2007, add the "Control Toolbox" and "Formulas" toolbars.

To work with VBA code, we'll need an editor, which is installed by default. You can open it by pressing the shortcut key combination "Alt F11":

vbe introduction
We'll come back to this. What's important for now is just to remember the "Alt F11" shortcut ...