Excel Functions

On this page, you'll find the most commonly used functions, each demonstrated in a simple example.

Date and time functions

TODAYShow today's date

Logical functions

IFPerform actions if conditions are met
IFsNested IFs

Lookup and reference functions

CHOOSEShow a value or perform an action based on a choice
HLOOKUPReturn a value from a table based on a value located anywhere in the first row
INDEXReturn a value based on column no. and row no.
INDEX + MATCHLike HLOOKUP/VLOOKUP without being constrained to the first row/column
MATCHReturn the position of a value in a list
VLOOKUPReturn a value from a table based on a value located anywhere in the first column

Math and trigonometry functions

RANDRandomly generate a value
ROUNDRound a value
ROUNDDOWNRound a value down
ROUNDUPRound a value up
SQRTTake the square root
SUMCalculate the sum of a series of values
SUMIFCalculate the sum of the values that meet the condition

Statistical functions

AVERAGETake the average of a set of values
COUNTCalculate the number of cells containing numbers
COUNTACalculate the number of non-empty cells
COUNTBLANKCalculate the number of empty cells
COUNTIFCalculate the number of cells that contain a specified value
FORECASTExtrapolate based on known data
MAXReturn the greatest value
MINReturn the least value
RANKClassify a value based on a series of values

Text functions

CONCATENATEJoin values, one after another
LEFTExtract characters starting from the left
LOWERConvert to lowercase
MIDExtract characters from a string
PROPERConvert the first letter of each word to uppercase and the other letters to lowercase
RIGHTExtract characters starting from the right
UPPERConvert to uppercase