Excel Functions

On this page, you'll find the most commonly used functions, each demonstrated in a simple example.

Date and time functions

TODAYShow today's date

Logical functions

IFPerform actions if conditions are met
IFsNested IFs

Lookup and reference functions

CHOOSEShow a value or perform an action based on a choice
HLOOKUPReturn a value from a table based on a value located anywhere in the first row
INDEXReturn a value based on column no. and row no.
INDEX + MATCHLike HLOOKUP/VLOOKUP without being constrained to the first row/column
MATCHReturn the position of a value in a list
VLOOKUPReturn a value from a table based on a value located anywhere in the first column

Math and trigonometry functions

RANDRandomly generate a value
ROUNDRound a value
ROUNDDOWNRound a value down
ROUNDUPRound a value up
SQRTTake the square root
SUMCalculate the sum of a series of values
SUMIFCalculate the sum of the values that meet the condition

Statistical functions

AVERAGETake the average of a set of values
COUNTCalculate the number of cells containing numbers
COUNTACalculate the number of non-empty cells
COUNTBLANKCalculate the number of empty cells
COUNTIFCalculate the number of cells that contain a specified value
MAXReturn the greatest value
MINReturn the least value

Text functions

LEFTExtract characters starting from the left
LOWERConvert to lowercase
MIDExtract characters from a string
PROPERConvert the first letter of each word to uppercase and the other letters to lowercase
RIGHTExtract characters starting from the right
UPPERConvert to uppercase

Compatibility functions

CONCATENATEJoin values, one after another
FORECASTExtrapolate based on known data
RANKClassify a value based on a series of values