Excel Training: Shapes

Excel allows you to insert a wide variety of shapes according to your needs.

excel shape bubble shapes

To insert a shape, click on the "Insert" tab then on "Shapes" and select for example the chevron:

excel insert shape png shapes

Then click on the sheet and drag until you get the desired size:

excel shape chevron shapes

You may notice that shapes are inserted "over" the cells.


To resize a shape, select it and modify its size by clicking on the small white circles around the shape and moving them:

excel shape chevron modify shapes

To obtain for example:

excel shape chevron wide shapes


To rotate a shape, click and move the circular arrow above the shape:

excel shape rotation shapesexcel shape chevron rotation shapes

Other modifications

Depending on the chosen shape, there may be a small yellow circle on the shape.

excel shape modify shapes

By moving this yellow circle, you will modify a property specific to the chosen shape:

excel shape modify chevron shapes

Borders and background color

To modify the borders or the background, first select the shape then click on the "Shape Format" tab:

excel shape format shapes

Then modify the shape style from "Shape Styles":

excel format shapes

You can apply a predefined style:

excel shape styles shapes

You can also modify the background, the borders and the effects of the shape separately:

excel shape borders png shapes

Add text

To enter text in the shape, right click on it and select "Edit Text":

excel text shape shapes

Then enter the text:

excel text shape add shapes

When you are finished, select the shape again and apply the formatting (which you already know) to modify the appearance of the text and center it, from the "Home" tab:

excel text shape center shapes

Copy a shape

If you want to add 2 additional chevrons, to avoid starting all over again, simply copy-paste the shape:

excel shape copy shapes

Move them:

excel shape copy chevrons png shapes

And modify the text and formatting as indicated above:

excel shape chevrons png shapes