Excel Training: Exercise and Table


Now let's move on to practice...

Start by downloading the following file: exercise-2.xlsx

The first sheet of the downloaded workbook will look like this:

excel exercise 2 table

The goal of this exercise is to use the knowledge gained during these first lessons to create the following table from the data available on the first sheet (trying to get as close as possible to this result):

excel exercise result table

Convert to Table

You now know how to apply and customize borders, but to simplify your life, you can use Excel's "Format as Table" feature to apply a predefined table format.

To do this, select the range of cells of your table, click on "Format as Table" and choose a format:

excel convert to table exercise

You may notice that the table created this way is not just a simple formatting and has additional features (we will return to some of these features later in this course):

excel converted table exercise