Excel Training: Functions

There are hundreds of very practical functions that will allow you to, for example:

  • Calculate a sum, an average
  • Determine the maximum, the minimum
  • Search for data in a table
  • Calculate based on a criteria
  • Etc.

Insert a function

From the "Formulas" tab, you can insert a function by clicking on "Insert Function" (on the left) or by selecting the function directly from one of the lists on the right:

excel insert function functions

If you don't know where to look, the easiest way is to click on "Insert Function" and then use the search field. In this case, the AVERAGE function will be inserted:

excel insert function average functions

To calculate the average of the cell range B2 to B5, this range must be entered into the AVERAGE function.

excel average function functions

To do this, click in the "Number1" field, then select the cell range directly on the sheet and validate:

excel average function select range functions

The average is then displayed in cell B6.

All that remains is to copy the formula to the right:

excel average function stretch functions

To obtain the average of each column:

excel average functions

Enter a function

Another practical solution to insert a function is to type the beginning of the function's name in the cell. For example, to add the AVERAGE function, enter = followed by the first letters of the function:

excel insert function cell functions

To validate your choice, press the Tab key or double-click on it:

excel equal average functions

Then select the cell range:

excel average cells functions

And press Enter to validate:

excel average example functions


To insert the SUM function, which is also one of Excel's most used functions, click directly on the AutoSum symbol:

excel autosum functions

Using this feature, the SUM function will be inserted and a cell range will be automatically selected:

excel sum function functions

If the selected range is correct, simply press Enter to validate:

excel sum functions

And copy to the right:

excel sums functions