Excel Training: Sparkline Charts

The sparkline chart is a miniature chart inserted directly into a cell.

The purpose of a sparkline chart is to provide a visual representation of the data in a row (or column) as a chart.

Insert a sparkline chart

To add a chart to the right of the following table (lesson-7b.xlsx), click on the "Insert" tab and choose one of the 3 proposed sparkline chart types.

Start by inserting a "Line" sparkline chart:

excel insert sparkline png

Select the chart's data row and validate:

excel range sparkline

Then copy the chart downwards:

excel copy chart sparkline

To obtain:

excel sparkline charts

Customize the sparkline chart

You can customize the appearance of the charts from the "Design" tab:

excel customize sparkline png

You can also change the chart type from this tab:

excel sparkline chart histogram png

To highlight certain points of the chart, check the points to display and if necessary modify their color, like here with the display of the "High Point" in green:

excel sparkline chart high point png

The "Win/Loss" sparkline chart

This last type of chart is more simplistic and allows only to visualize if the values are positive or negative:

excel sparkline charts wins and losses