Excel Training: Filtering Data

The "Filter" feature allows you to display data based on one or more criteria and sort this data if necessary.

The test data: lesson-9b.xlsx

To add a filter on this data, select columns A to G and then click on "Filter" from the "Data" tab:

excel add filters png filter

The goal now is to filter these results in order to display only people whose country is "United States".

To do this, click on the arrow next to "Country" (to filter based on this column) and check "United States":

excel filter data png

Only data that meet the set criteria will then be displayed:

excel filtered data filter

To then display the results in alphabetical order (based on the name), click on the arrow for "Name" and then on "Sort A to Z":

excel filter sort data png

To get filtered and sorted data:

excel sorted data filter

To clear the defined filters, click on "Clear":

excel clear filters png filter

Or to completely remove the filters from this data, click on "Filter".

Numerical Filters

You can also filter based on values when the data is numerical:

excel numerical filter png

For example, by displaying only people whose zip code is between 10000 and 99999:

excel automatic custom filter

To get:

excel filtered values filter

Text Filters

When the data is text-based, text filters are available:

excel text filter png

In this example, only companies whose name ends with LLC or LLP will be displayed:

excel custom text filter

To get:

excel filters filter

The Tables

Instead of using the "Filter" feature, you can also insert a "Table" from the "Insert" tab:

excel table filter

The table is a comprehensive tool that allows you to use the filter features we just saw and many others (to discover from the "Table Design" tab):

excel table filter png