Excel Training: Text Boxes and WordArt

Text Box

To add text above cells (like a shape), insert a text box from the "Insert" tab:

excel insert text box png wordart

Then enter the text:

excel text box wordart

You can then format the text from the "Home" tab:

excel text box formatting wordart

You can also format the text box from the "Shape Format" tab, for example to remove the borders and background of the text box:

excel text box transparent wordart

Resize or rotate the text box as needed as if it were a shape:

excel text box rotate wordart


To add colorful text above cells, you can insert WordArt text from the "Insert" tab:

excel insert wordart png text

Then enter the text:

excel wordart text

And select the WordArt object to exit the editing mode:

excel wordart pratique text

From the "Shape Format" tab, you can choose another predefined style if necessary:

excel wordart modify style text

You can then refine the formatting by for example changing the fill color of the text (from this same tab) and changing the font (from the "Home" tab):

excel wordart pratique gray text