Excel Training: SmartArt Charts

The SmartArt chart allows you to quickly create a visual representation of data.

It can be used for example to create an organization chart, a pyramid, a cycle, a process, lists, etc.

To insert a SmartArt chart, click on "SmartArt" from the "Insert" tab:

excel smartart chart insertion graphic

In this example, we will create a horizontal organization chart, so choose the following model:

excel smartart chart insertion organization graphic

The goal here will be to create an organization chart in the form of a SmartArt chart respecting the following structure:

excel sketch horizontal organization chart smartart graphic

Start by selecting the shape in the center and delete it by pressing the Delete key:

excel smartart chart delete shape graphic

Now select the shape at the top right of the chart and click on "Add Shape Below" from the "SmartArt Design" tab:

excel smartart chart add shape graphic

Then click 2 times on "Add Shape" to add 2 additional shapes:

excel smartart chart add shapes graphic

To add the last 2 shapes, select the one at the bottom of the chart and add 2 shapes:

excel smartart chart add shapes 2 graphic

To get:

excel smartart chart horizontal organization graphic

Modify the text

You can modify the text of each shape individually or more simply from the "Text Pane":

excel smartart chart text pane graphic

Modify the layout

If you need to modify the type of SmartArt chart, you can choose another layout from the "SmartArt Design" tab (after selecting the chart):

excel smartart chart layouts graphic

Modify colors and style

From this same tab, you can modify the colors of the chart:

excel smartart chart colors png graphic

As well as its style:

excel smartart chart style png graphic

Modify the formatting of the text

From the "Home" tab, you can modify the formatting of the text of the SmartArt chart:

excel smartart chart font graphic

Modify a shape

By selecting one or several shapes (using the Ctrl key), you can customize the selected shapes from the "Format" tab as we saw earlier:

excel smartart chart customize graphic