Create a mosaic on Excel

This tool will allow you to create your own mosaic on Excel in a few moments and without any particular knowledge required.

The mosaic is a "drawing" made by coloring the Excel cells.

This can allow you for example to add a decorative element, to surprise your colleagues, to add a watermark image in a table, etc.

Result Examples

To better understand what can be done, here are some examples made with this tool and the following logo:

logo excel mosaic

Example with the default setting (and square cells):

excel mosaic logo png

To accentuate the mosaic effect, you can add a grid:

excel mosaic logo grid png

With as many columns/rows as pixels and by reducing the size of the columns/rows to the minimum, you can get exactly the same image:

excel pixel logo mosaic

You can also create mosaics with rectangular cells and choose a different starting point than A1:

excel mosaic logo rectangle png

By checking "Watermark Effect", you will get a very light result which can be used for example as the background of a table:

excel mosaic logo watermark png

Mosaic Macro Generator

Select the image

Define the parameters

Number of mosaic columns (max width 250)

Number of mosaic rows (max height 250)

Starting column (default 1 for column A)

Starting row (default 1 for row 1)