VBA Function: IsArray

The VBA IsArray function returns True if the variable points to an array or False if it does not.



Example of Usage

The following function returns the number of elements in an array or the value -1 if it is not an array (determined using the IsArray function):

Function count(myArray)
    If IsArray(myArray) Then
        count = UBound(myArray) + 1
        count = -1
    End If
End Function

Example of values returned by this function:

Sub example()
    'Example with an array (with 2 elements)
    array1 = Array("EXCEL", "PRATIQUE")
    MsgBox count(array1) 'Returns: 2
    'Example with an array (with 4 elements)
    Dim array2(3)
    MsgBox count(array2) 'Returns: 4
    'Example with a variable
    text1 = "EXCEL"
    MsgBox count(text1) 'Returns: -1
End Sub