Excel: Engineering Functions

Functions in EnglishFunctions in FrenchDescription of Function
BESSELIBESSELIReturns the modified Bessel function In(x).
BESSELJBESSELJReturns the Bessel function Jn(x).
BESSELKBESSELKReturns the modified Bessel function Kn(x).
BESSELYBESSELYReturns the Bessel function Yn(x).
BIN2DECBINDECConverts a binary number to decimal.
BIN2HEXBINHEXConverts a binary number to hexadecimal.
BIN2OCTBINOCTConverts a binary number to octal.
BITANDBITETReturns a "Bitwise And" of two numbers (2013).
BITLSHIFTBITDECALGReturns a value number shifted left by shift_amount bits (2013).
BITRSHIFTBITDECALDReturns a value number shifted right by shift_amount bits (2013).
BITORBITOUReturns a bitwise OR of 2 numbers (2013).
BITXORBITOUEXCLUSIFReturns a bitwise "Exclusive Or" of two numbers (2013).
COMPLEXCOMPLEXEConverts real and imaginary coefficients into a complex number.
CONVERTCONVERTConverts a number from one measurement system to another.
DEC2BINDECBINConverts a decimal number to binary.
DEC2HEXDECHEXConverts a decimal number to hexadecimal.
DEC2OCTDECOCTConverts a decimal number to octal.
DELTADELTATests whether two values are equal.
Functions in EnglishFunctions in FrenchDescription of Function
ERFERFReturns the error function.
ERF.PRECISEERF.PRECISReturns the error function.
ERFCERFCReturns the complementary error function.
ERFC.PRECISEERFC.PRECISReturns the complementary ERF function integrated between x and infinity.
GESTEPSUP.SEUILTests whether a number is greater than a threshold value.
HEX2BINHEXBINConverts a hexadecimal number to binary.
HEX2DECHEXDECConverts a hexadecimal number to decimal.
HEX2OCTHEXOCTConverts a hexadecimal number to octal.
IMABSCOMPLEXE.MODULEReturns the absolute value (modulus) of a complex number.
IMAGINARYCOMPLEXE.IMAGINAIREReturns the imaginary coefficient of a complex number.
IMARGUMENTCOMPLEXE.ARGUMENTReturns the argument theta, an angle expressed in radians.
IMCONJUGATECOMPLEXE.CONJUGUEReturns the complex conjugate of a complex number.
IMCOSCOMPLEXE.COSReturns the cosine of a complex number.
IMCOSHCOMPLEXE.COSHReturns the hyperbolic cosine of a complex number (2013).
IMCOTCOMPLEXE.COTReturns the cotangent of a complex number (2013).
IMCSCCOMPLEXE.CSCReturns the cosecant of a complex number (2013).
IMCSCHCOMPLEXE.CSCHReturns the hyperbolic cosecant of a complex number (2013).
IMDIVCOMPLEXE.DIVReturns the quotient of two complex numbers.
IMEXPCOMPLEXE.EXPReturns the exponential of a complex number.
IMLNCOMPLEXE.LNReturns the natural logarithm of a complex number.
IMLOG10COMPLEXE.LOG10Returns the base-10 logarithm of a complex number.
IMLOG2COMPLEXE.LOG2Returns the base-2 logarithm of a complex number.
IMPOWERCOMPLEXE.PUISSANCEReturns a complex number raised to an integer power.
IMPRODUCTCOMPLEXE.PRODUITReturns the product of from 2 to 255 complex numbers.
IMREALCOMPLEXE.REELReturns the real coefficient of a complex number.
IMSECCOMPLEXE.SECReturns the secant of a complex number (2013).
IMSECHCOMPLEXE.SECHReturns the hyperbolic secant of a complex number (2013).
IMSINCOMPLEXE.SINReturns the sine of a complex number.
IMSINHCOMPLEXE.SINHReturns the hyperbolic sine of a complex number (2013).
IMSQRTCOMPLEXE.RACINEReturns the square root of a complex number.
IMSUBCOMPLEXE.DIFFERENCEReturns the difference between two complex numbers.
IMSUMCOMPLEXE.SOMMEReturns the sum of complex numbers.
IMTANCOMPLEXE.TANReturns the tangent of a complex number (2013).
OCT2BINOCTBINConverts an octal number to binary.
OCT2DECOCTDECConverts an octal number to decimal.
OCT2HEXOCTHEXConverts an octal number to hexadecimal.