Excel: Compatibility Functions

Functions in EnglishFunctions in FrenchDescription of Function
BETADISTLOI.BETAReturns the beta cumulative distribution function.
BETAINVBETA.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the cumulative distribution function for a specified beta distribution.
BINOMDISTLOI.BINOMIALEReturns the individual term binomial distribution probability.
CEILINGPLAFONDRounds a number to the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significance.
CHIDISTLOI.KHIDEUXReturns the one-tailed probability of the chi-squared distribution.
CHIINVKHIDEUX.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the one-tailed probability of the chi-squared distribution.
CHITESTTEST.KHIDEUXReturns the test for independence.
CONCATENATECONCATENERJoins several text items into one text item.
CONFIDENCEINTERVALLE.CONFIANCEReturns the confidence interval for a population mean.
COVARCOVARIANCEReturns covariance, the average of the products of paired deviations.
CRITBINOMCRITERE.LOI.BINOMIALEReturns the smallest value for which the cumulative binomial distribution is less than or equal to a criterion value.
EXPONDISTLOI.EXPONENTIELLEReturns the exponential distribution.
FDISTLOI.FReturns the F probability distribution.
FINVINVERSE.LOI.FReturns the inverse of the F probability distribution.
FLOORPLANCHERRounds a number down, toward zero.
FORECASTPREVISIONReturns a value along a linear trend.
FTESTTEST.FReturns the result of an F-test.
GAMMADISTLOI.GAMMAReturns the gamma distribution.
GAMMAINVLOI.GAMMA.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the gamma cumulative distribution.
HYPGEOMDISTLOI.HYPERGEOMETRIQUEReturns the hypergeometric distribution.
LOGINVLOI.LOGNORMALE.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the lognormal cumulative distribution function.
LOGNORMDISTLOI.LOGNORMALEReturns the cumulative lognormal distribution.
Functions in EnglishFunctions in FrenchDescription of Function
MODEMODEReturns the most common value in a data set.
NEGBINOMDISTLOI.BINOMIALE.NEGReturns the negative binomial distribution.
NORMDISTLOI.NORMALEReturns the normal cumulative distribution.
NORMINVLOI.NORMALE.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the normal cumulative distribution.
NORMSDISTLOI.NORMALE.STANDARDReturns the standard normal cumulative distribution.
NORMSINVLOI.NORMALE.STANDARD.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the standard normal cumulative distribution.
PERCENTILECENTILEReturns the k-th percentile of values in a range.
PERCENTRANKRANG.POURCENTAGEReturns the percentage rank of a value in a data set.
POISSONLOI.POISSONReturns the Poisson distribution.
QUARTILEQUARTILEReturns the quartile of a data set.
RANKRANGReturns the rank of a number in a list of numbers.
STDEVECARTYPEEstimates standard deviation based on a sample.
STDEVPECARTYPEPCalculates standard deviation based on the entire population.
TDISTLOI.STUDENTReturns the Student's t-distribution.
TINVLOI.STUDENT.INVERSEReturns the inverse of the Student's t-distribution.
TTESTTEST.STUDENTReturns the probability associated with a Student's t-test.
VARVAREstimates variance based on a sample.
VARPVAR.PCalculates variance based on the entire population.
WEIBULLLOI.WEIBULLReturns the Weibull distribution.
ZTESTTEST.ZReturns the one-tailed probability-value of a z-test.