Excel: Text Functions

Functions in EnglishFunctions in FrenchDescription of Function
BAHTTEXTBAHTTEXTConverts a number to text, using the ß (baht) currency format.
CHARCARReturns the character specified by the code number.
CLEANEPURAGERemoves all nonprintable characters from text.
CODECODEReturns a numeric code for the first character in a text string.
CONCATCONCATCombines the text from multiple ranges and/or strings, but it doesn't provide the delimiter or IgnoreEmpty arguments (2016).
CONCATENATECONCATENERJoins several text items into one text item.
DOLLARFRANCConverts a number to text, using the $ (dollar) currency format.
EXACTEXACTChecks to see if two text values are identical.
FINDTROUVEFinds one text value within another (case-sensitive).
FIXEDCTXTFormats a number as text with a fixed number of decimals.
LEFTGAUCHEReturns the leftmost characters from a text value.
LENNBCARReturns the number of characters in a text string.
LOWERMINUSCULEConverts text to lowercase.
MIDSTXTReturns a specific number of characters from a text string starting at the position you specify.
NUMBERVALUEVALEURNOMBREConverts text to number in a locale-independent manner (2013).
PROPERNOMPROPRECapitalizes the first letter in each word of a text value.
REPLACEREMPLACERReplaces characters within text.
REPTREPTRepeats text a given number of times.
RIGHTDROITEReturns the rightmost characters from a text value.
SEARCHCHERCHEFinds one text value within another (not case-sensitive).
SUBSTITUTESUBSTITUESubstitutes new text for old text in a text string.
TTConverts its arguments to text.
TEXTTEXTEFormats a number and converts it to text.
TEXTJOINJOINDRE.TEXTECombines the text from multiple ranges and/or strings, and includes a delimiter you specify between each text value that will be combined. If the delimiter is an empty text string, this function will effectively concatenate the ranges (2016).
TRIMSUPPRESPACERemoves spaces from text.
UNICHARUNICARReturns the Unicode character that is references by the given numeric value (2013).
UNICODEUNICODEReturns the number (code point) that corresponds to the first character of the text (2013).
UPPERMAJUSCULEConverts text to uppercase.
VALUECNUMConverts a text argument to a number.