Excel Function: MAP

The MAP function returns an array after applying a LAMBDA function to each value in the array.

Prerequisite: understand the LAMBDA function.


=MAP(array, LAMBDA)


=MAP(array1, array2, ..., LAMBDA)

Example of use

The goal here is to convert the 2 dollar columns into euro with a single formula:

excel convert table usd eur map

Enter the MAP function followed by the array that contains the data to process:


Then enter the LAMBDA function and choose a variable name (for example "amount"):


And finally, enter the formula to apply to each value in the array (knowing that in this example "rate" is a named cell that contains the rate for currency conversion):


The MAP function will then browse the data of the entered array (B2:C11), apply the formula to each amount, and return the new array:

excel function map currency conversion

If you want to round the calculated amounts to 5 cents, for example, just add the MROUND function to the formula:

excel function map currency conversion rounded 5 cents
If needed, you can download the Excel file used here: map.xlsx
Note: this function is only available with Office 365.