VBA Function: DatePart

The VBA function DatePart returns an integer value corresponding to a specific part of a date (day, month, year, hour, minute, second, day of the week, and week number).


DatePart(date_part, date)

Example of Usage

Using the DatePart function to retrieve different data from a date:

Sub example()

    myDate = #10/25/2024 3:35:45 PM#

    'Day (1 to 31)
    MsgBox DatePart("d", myDate) 'Returns: 25

    'Day of the year (1 to 366)
    MsgBox DatePart("y", myDate) 'Returns: 299

    MsgBox DatePart("h", myDate) 'Returns: 15

    MsgBox DatePart("n", myDate) 'Returns: 35

    MsgBox DatePart("s", myDate) 'Returns: 45

    MsgBox DatePart("m", myDate) 'Returns: 10

    MsgBox DatePart("yyyy", myDate) 'Returns: 2024

    'Day of the week (1 to 7)
    ' => the 3rd argument as 2 specifies that the week starts on Monday
    MsgBox DatePart("w", myDate, 2) 'Returns: 5

    'Week of the year (1 to 53)
    ' => the 4th argument as 2 allows obtaining an ISO week number
    MsgBox DatePart("ww", myDate, , 2) 'Returns: 43

End Sub