Excel Training: Basic Manipulations (2/5)

Change the size of characters

Now select cells A5 to C5:

excel selection 3 cells manipulations 2

Click on the following drop-down list and change the text size of the selected cells (size 20 for this example):

excel text size manipulations 2

Note that if the desired size is not available in the list, you can enter it directly in the field:

excel custom text size manipulations 2

You can also use the following 2 buttons to increase or decrease the text size in 1 click:

excel text size increase decrease manipulations 2

Modify the width of columns

Following the last manipulation, part of the text is no longer visible, so we are now going to widen the columns.

To modify the width of a column, place the cursor on the right edge of the column:

excel expand column manipulations 2

Then click without releasing to modify the width:

excel expand column a manipulations 2

But to avoid repeating the same operation 3 times and to obtain columns of identical widths, directly select the 3 columns (by clicking on the column numbers as if they were cells):

excel select columns manipulations 2

Then modify the width of one of the columns:

excel expand columns manipulations 2

This modification will then be automatically applied to the 3 selected columns:

excel column width manipulations 2

To modify the height of rows, the operation is exactly the same as with the columns.

Bold text

Select cells A2 to C2 and click on to make the text bold:

excel text bold manipulations 2

Italic text

Select cells A6 to A10 and click on to make the text italic:

excel text italic manipulations 2

Underlined text

Keeping the same selection, now underline the text by clicking on :

excel text underlined manipulations 2

To remove one of these formats, just click again on the same button.

For example, to remove the italic effect, keep the current selection and click on :

excel text cancel manipulations 2

Partial text formatting

To apply one of these formats only to part of the text, double click on the cell and select the portion of text to format:

excel partial selection manipulations 2

Then apply the desired format or formats:

excel partial formatting manipulations 2