Excel Training: Basic Manipulations (4/5)

Moving one or more cells

Select cells B2 to B4 and place your cursor on the lower edge of the selection to get the following move cursor:

excel move cells manipulations 4

To move these cells, click and drag the selection:

excel drag range cells manipulations 4

Copy-pasting one or more cells

Right-click on the cells you moved and choose "Copy" (or use the shortcut Ctrl + C):

excel copy cells manipulations 4

Then right-click where you want to paste the cells and choose "Paste" (or the shortcut Ctrl + V):

excel paste cells manipulations 4

In some cases, it may be useful to copy only the values without the formatting (or vice versa), to transpose cells (switching rows and columns), to paste as an image, etc.

In this case, proceed in the same way but instead of "Paste", choose the appropriate option from "Paste Options":

excel paste special manipulations 4

Reproducing a formatting

The "Format Painter" tool allows you to very easily reproduce a format on one or more cells.

To apply for example the formatting of cell C5 to other cells, select cell C5 and click on "Format Painter":

excel format painter manipulations 4

Then simply select the cells you want to format:

excel reproduce formatting manipulations 4

Automatic line wrap

By default, if the text contained in the cell is longer than the cell, it does not automatically wrap to the next line:

excel line manipulations 4

To activate line wrapping, click on "Wrap Text":

excel auto line wrap manipulations 4

To obtain:

excel line wrap manipulations 4
The various formatting options we have seen so far are also available in "Format Cells" (accessible by right-clicking on cells).
excel format cell manipulations 4

Line break within a cell

To wrap to the next line within a cell, press Alt + Enter:

excel cell line break manipulations 4