Excel Training: Basic Manipulations (5/5)

Inserting rows or columns

To insert one or more rows, select the rows where you want to insert them and click on "Insert":

excel insert rows manipulations 5

The new rows are then inserted at the location of the selection (which thus shifts the other rows):

excel row insertion manipulations 5

The principle is exactly the same for the insertion of columns.

Inserting cells

To insert one or more cells, select the cells where you want to insert them and click on "Insert...":

excel insert cells manipulations 5

Since the new cells will be inserted at the location of the selection, you must choose how to shift the existing cells:

excel insert cells shift choice manipulations 5

In this case, the existing cells have been shifted to the right:

excel inserted cells manipulations 5

Adding a sheet

When you create a new workbook, it contains a first sheet.

To add more sheets to your workbook, right-click on a tab and choose "Insert...":

excel add sheet manipulations 5

And click OK:

excel insert sheet manipulations 5

You can then drag the tab to move it if needed:

excel move sheet manipulations 5

Copying a sheet

To copy an existing sheet and its content, right-click on the tab of the sheet to copy and choose "Move or Copy...":

excel copy sheet manipulations 5

Check "Create a copy" and click OK:

excel create copy sheet manipulations 5

The sheet is then copied:

excel tabs manipulations 5


You already know how to select cells, rows or columns, but it will sometimes be useful to be able to select several ranges at the same time to save time.

To select several distinct cell ranges, simply hold the Ctrl key during selection to avoid losing the previous selections:

excel multiple selections manipulations 5

If you need to select all cells of the sheet, click on the top left corner (or use the shortcut Ctrl + A):

excel select all cells manipulations 5