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Excel Course: Page Layout

To print a document quickly, click on "File" and then "Print".

print excel page layout

If your document is in landscape format, change its orientation.

orientation excel page layout

If necessary, edit the margins and/or use the adjustment options.

adjustments excel page layout

Then print your document.

Defining the print area

Whenever you click on a button that is related to printing/page layout, Excel will display the boundaries of the print area for each page.

print areas excel page layout

This time, edit the "Scale" option (or the margins) to fit the whole table on the page.

scale excel page layout

To print only the table (without the text below), select the table and click on "Print Area" and then on "Set Print Area".

print area excel page layout

Only the table will be printed.

display print area excel page layout

To prevent an object from printing, open its properties dialogue box:

object properties excel page layout

And uncheck "Print Object".

do not print object excel page layout