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Excel Course: Tables (borders)

There are several different ways to create a table.

1st method

Select the area to gridline and click on the button shown in the image.

gridline excel table borders

The result will be an area with gridlines, as shown below.

cells with borders excel table

You can also select some of the cells and give them a different kind of border ...

double border excel table borders table excel borders

2nd method

Select the cells you would like to gridline, right click, then click on "Format Cells".

format cells excel table borders

Click on the "Border" tab and edit them as you like.

add borders excel table preview excel table borders

3rd method

Click on the option shown in the image below ...

draw borders excel table

This allows you to draw borders manually. It is a useful option for ununsually shaped tables.

special table excel borders

Line color and style

You can choose the line color and style that you would like for your borders (methods 1 and 3) from the "Borders" button.

line color excel table borders

You'll find the same options if you draw your borders using "Format Cells".

line color format excel table borders colored borders excel table