Excel Course: The Basics (moving, coping contents)

Moving a Cell

Select a cell.

move cell excel basics4

Place your mouse pointer on the edge of the cell you have selected so that the pointer turns into a quadruple arrow (see image below), then click and drag to move the cell.

moved cell excel basics4

Copying Cells

Select one or more cells, right click on one of the cells you have selected, and click Copy.

copy cells excel basics4

Then right click where you would like to duplicate the cells and click Paste.

Note that Excel offers several options for the Paste command. For example, it is possible to copy the text without its formatting, or the other way around. You should try these features out a few times to get the hang of them ...

paste cells excel basics4
cells excel basics4

Copying Formatting

Click on the cell that contains the formatting you would like to copy, then click on the Paintbrush.

paintbrush excel basics4

Then just select the cells that you want to receive the formatting you have copied.

copy formatting excel basics4

Carriage Return

line break excel basics4

To add a line break within a cell, press Alt + Enter.

carriage return in cell excel basics4


Here is a little exercise that will help you practice what you have learned so far: exercise1.xlsx